Keep Calm and Ride On


Why is yoga so great for cyclists?   Well… I’m glad you asked! A regular yoga practice brings many health benefits that can significantly enhance your cycling performance:

  • Increased flexibility means greater comfort on the bike, which is particularly beneficial if you’re a time trialist or enjoy riding in a more aero position

  • Improvement in flexibility, combined with being able to hold a position more comfortably, enables your muscles to work more effectively, which translates to a higher power output

  • Increased core strength can also positively influence your power output; the more stability you can bring to your position on the bike, the more efficient the power transfer

  • A more supple and mobile body can also protect against injury and lessen the aches and pains in common areas such as the neck, shoulders and lower back

  • A yoga practice builds heat in the body, increasing blood flow, helping your muscles to recover faster in between rides


As well as these important physical benefits, there is also another side to yoga less talked about. The strong focus on breath and the repetition of specific breathing practises can have a huge effect on breathing efficiency. These exercises were created to increase lung capacity and therefore boost oxygen absorption, which in turn can have a major impact on a cyclist’s endurance, VO2 max and recovery time.

With an overall improvement in general body awareness, a cyclist who practises yoga is also capable of influencing their mental state by being able to focus more easily, to remain calm in physically stressful situations, and to motivate themselves to conquer that hard effort.

Sound good to you? Come and join our Monday night Yoga4Cyclists class ツ


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